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  • LA was one of the greatest things in my development as a leader and a new person in the Community. It challenged me about what I had assumed about myself and why I needed the others that were in this class with me! The number of times I have called on my classmates since my May graduation is too many to recall. EVERY one in that room I now consider leaders that will attack the issues that must be addressed!

    • Kevin Hils
    • Zoo Director, Chehaw Wild Animal Park and LA '12
  • Leadership Albany is among the most comprehensive community leadership training programs available from anywhere I have worked and lived. The curriculum provides a thorough education about community government, industry, services, business, and education. Program class members are a foundation of professional networking that fosters relationships throughout the community."

    • R.D. Harter, Director of Public Information
    • Dougherty County School System and LA '09
  • "Leadership Albany empowers relationships, networking and learning beyond the "typical" leadership courses. I was probably one of the few people that was "familiar" with each of subject days; but there was not one day that I did not walk away with greater understanding. This program provides a pathway to connect deeper in the community and provides fundamental skills that are transferable to any environment or any locale."

    • Jawahn Ware, County Clerk
    • Dougherty County Board of Commissioners and LA '14

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Leadership Albany Class

Each class, made up of approximately thirty individuals, is selected each year based on a competitive application process.  Emphasis is placed on selecting participants from a cross-section of the community based on gender, ethnic background, profession, and volunteer experience. 

Class of 2020: Theme for the Year

We are excited about the upcoming Class of 2020! This year's theme is Leadership Albany 2020 #AlbanyUnfiltered. We will be focusing on opportunities, challenges and authentic leadership here in our community. It's going to be great year as we restructure our program days to offer better enrichment and learning to class members.

Program Dates

November 21, Kickoff Orientation
January 10-11, Teams: Unfiltered
February 13, Workforce: Unfiltered
March 12, Progress: Unfiltered
April 9, Collaboration: Unfiltered
May 14, Advocacy: Unfiltered
September 11-12, Diversity Unfiltered
October 8, Community: Unfiltered 
November 12, Engagement: Unfiltered 


Nominations for the next class of Leadership Albany are expected to open in May of 2021


The application for the next Leadership Albany Class will be emailed to each nominee after nominations close. The application is online and nominees will be sent a due date in their email with the application link.